Studio General Info & History

Tattoo Artists & Body Piercer are State Licensed
All Tubes & Forceps are ran in an Ultra Sonic, scrubbed, then packaged for the Autoclave. Needles are used once and put in Bio Container.
Our Autoclave is tested weekly with a spore test
We have thousand’s of designs to choose from, or we will design one for you.
Artist’s at the Ink Spot use top quality inks to give you bright vivid colors, or impressive black n gray work.
New piercing jewelry is packaged and autoclaved before using. Body Piercer use’s only surgical steel jewelry for piercing’s.

We are allowed to Tattoo and pierce minors. In Belton you must be at least 16 years old to get a tattoo and 14 years old to get a piercing. Only a parent can bring you and sign for you. In Raytown you must be 16 to get Tattooed or Pierced. We require the parents I.D. and the minors Birth Certificate at both locations.

                         Ramiro & Melonie Gonzalez

We opened the first Ink Spot April of 2001. It was on Main St. We had just moved to Belton from Wyandotte County Ks. and wasn’t sure how well a Tattoo Clinic would do in such a small town. (about 25,000 people.) We had no crew, it was just the two of us. We spent the first month painting , remodeling, and moving in. During that month we passed out flyers to everyone we saw, everywhere we went. We were so excited. We had been dreaming about this since 1993 when we first met. Then the big day came. May 16th, Grand Opening. We got there at 8:00 in the morning! All day we waited, and no one stopped by. The door never moved. We stared out the window at all the cars going by, and still no one stopped. We decided to close up at 10:00 p.m. and go home. Needless to say we were devastated. We finally had our dream come true and now we were afraid we were going to lose it. The next morning we went in a little later (around 10:00a.m.) and there were people sitting on the steps. They asked what time we opened. Of course we desperately replied “Right Now!” and “Come on in!” The Ink Spot was packed the rest of the day. And we did not stop until they stopped coming in. That night we closed at 3:00a.m.
The following day we opened at 12:00, another busy day. We worked our first 32 days straight without taking a day off. We had to set appointments for the next day because we could not get all the customers in. After that we decided to close two days a week until we could bring on more Tattoo Artist’s .
Two years later we moved to the new Ink Spot. (on 58 Hwy in Belton). The building was newer and had more space for tattoo stations. It is also on the busiest road in Belton so we would be seen by every person who drove through . About 3 months after we moved in they began the construction of a Home Depot, Target, and Kohl’s Department Store, as well as about 7 new restaurants right across the street. There are also 12 new stores opening across the street. Including a Famous Footwear, Pier One, Starbucks. More out of town business.

In our experiences the most important part about having a successful business is customer service. Be kind and patient with the picky one’s. It does last a lifetime. And be creative for the one’s who are not picky and chose a flash design after looking for 5 minutes. Throw in a simple idea like changing up the color scheme or take something out of the design , as well as add something to it. Those things are appreciated and when they show their friends they will give you credit for your ideas. Make them feel welcome, greet them with a smile at the door. Remember those customers are paying your bills so they are the boss. And you know how the news is. Good news travels, but bad news travels lightning fast. And far. So if you get a customer who comes back and says they were expecting something different or aren’t 100% pleased, sit them down. No Charge. Make sure they are happy when they leave. Always guarantee your work. Tell your client when you are finished to call with any questions or stop by if they have a concern.
And always be honest with your client. I have seen a lot of people waste money getting a piercing on a tongue that’s to short, or a Navel with no flap. Then they are in pain until they realize that the Jewelry needs to be removed. Don’t be afraid to tell your client if they are not able to wear a specific piercing. They will appreciate your honesty and recommend friends to you. But if you pierce them and scar them just to take their money, they will also tell their friends and not recommend you.
Best rule of thumb is, Don’t do anything to a client that you wouldn’t do to yourself.



The 1st Ink Spot 317 Main st. Belton, Mo 64012
Belton's Ink Spot Relocates to 827 E. North Ave Belton, Mo  64012  
These photo's are from the first year we opened at the new location. We have made a lot of improvements over the last six years, I will be posting updated photo's very soon.
Here is where it all began. We started on Main st. in Belton, but soon after moved to a more prime location  827 E. North Ave. a few blocks over.
1st Tattoo Shop in Raytown History  7312 Raytown Rd, suite B 64133
Before and After Pics of the Raytown Shop! It was hard work but with the help of the crew & a few friends we made some improvements. (Thanks guys for the Blood, Sweat & Tears.) Enjoy the Photo's